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July 28th, 2019
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Zakaat & Sadaqah Charity program comprises of required Policies, Program, process, clearly defined roles & responsibilities of Charity Case management workflow, segregation of duties, Internal and External CPAs, Internal and External Auditors, ensuring independence, accountability and ethical conduct of the ZCM Program

Rimici “ONE Source” and its Muslim Family programs are owned and managed by Syed Family in the U.S.A whose leadership, highest honesty, sincerity and conduct is validated and vouched by many Muslims just like yourself!


Business & Social Case for Zakat & Charity Management:

Our nonprofits, Masajid, families and professionals are facing significant challenge in the absence of an effective & standardized Zakaat & Charity Accounting, distribution and Case Management System.

Key risks that were identified are as follows:

Risk 1: A clear documented case workflow based Zakaat process and distribution is absent in most in our community, nonprofits, Masajid and partners

Risk 2: A single Masjid does not have effective ways to determine if a Zakaat applicant has applied for Zakaat only to the particular Masjid or has applied for Zakaat funds from several Masajid thus depriving other Zakaat applicants

Risk 3: Lack of an intelligent Zakaat Case management workflow which can be consistently applied across zakat and charity distribution process.

Risk 4: There is no single source of Zakaat applicant database that can be used to search and validate Zakaat requester’s credentials.  A standardized Zakaat Case Management System (ZCM) can be shared with other Masajid for effective Zakaat Management, distribution, tracking and reporting in a secure and trust-worthy manner.

Risk 5: Applicable mandatory laws for financial data validation, completeness & reporting along with privacy requirements such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & California Privacy Regulation is non-existent putting entire Charity and Donation flow into financial, privacy and regulatory compliance risks.


Syed Rizwan Ashraf’s Proposed Sustainable Solution for National Zakat, Sadaqah & Family Crowd Fund Raising Program

Syed Rizwan Ashraf’s Family has enabled the first National Zakat, Sadaqah, Family Crowd Fund Raising & Classified Ads Program while complying with the U.S and international financial regulation & reporting including Privacy Data compliance such as General Data Protection Regulation from E.U and California Privacy Regulation.

This important program is completed and now tested with leading Muslim Community leaders, CEOs, Technology and Financial Accounting Professionals, Masajid Board Members & Board Treasury and leading Muslim Imam who were educated and graduated from Madina Munawara

Zakaat & Sadaqah Charity program comprises of Policy, Program, process, clearly defined roles & responsibilities of Charity Case management workflow, segregation of duties, Internal and External CPAs, Internal and External Auditors, ensuring independence, accountability and ethical conduct of the ZCM Program

 The Zakat & Sadaqah System has following key capabilities:

  1. High quality Donations system enabling various type of Islamic donations with proper accounting and financial record, traceability for transparency, accuracy, auditability and financial reporting
  2. Dedicated Zakat and Sadaqah request case management system work proper request input form, request processing and workflow, case agent, case supervisor case approver and case audit reporting
  3. Ability to handle Zakat Cases in a centralized manner avoiding duplication of Zakat Case requester or mistakes where a single Zakat/Sadaqah request is submitted to multiple Masajid & nonprofits
  4. Dedicated and high reputable team of Muslim volunteers, leaders, professionals and Imams for the overall program oversight, financial data & reporting accuracy and independent external auditability for transparency
  5. Zakat & Sadaqah workflow process is established based on best practices with clearly defined roles & responsibilities and performance metrics reporting
  6. Zakat & Sadaqah System’s ability to integrate with backend QuickBooks Accounting Software for end to end accounting & financial tracking, reporting & auditing
  7. Highly customizable and ability to allow Masajid & Nonprofits to have their independent donations for Zakat & Sadaqah payment processes, recording and reporting (This will come as Phase 2 in 2020)


Crowd Funding for Muslim Families

A powerful crowdfunding solution for Muslim Families that enables our members to create fund-raising projects; accept donations or Investments; and keep donors updated on the project’s progress.

Whether our members need to raise money for personal projects, causes, Rimici Family Programs, business ventures, medical bills, social endeavors, school events, our online social collaboration and Crowd Funding solution can help bring your sincerity, your passion and your dreams to reality Insha Allah.

Classified Ads for Families to directly request or put ads for giving


Rimici “ONE Source” Personal Giving and Crowd Funding Program for our Families

Salaam O Alaykum All,

Rimici “ONE Source” in introducing a sophisticated Personal Giving and Crowd Funding Program that enables your members to create fundraising projects; accept donations; and keep donors updated on the project’s progress.

Whether our members need to raise money for personal projects, causes, charities, business ventures, medical bills, musical endeavors, school events or non-profit fundraisers, our Personal Giving and Crowd Funding solution makes it possible to do it with ease. 

Through this program, you can keep the donors updated on project’s progress and successful results. This solution can even transform your profile page into a mini-fundraising site

Crowd funding (sometimes called ‘crowd financing’, ‘crowd sourced capital’ or ‘micro patronage’) is a popular new way for artists, bloggers, students, businesses, software developers, nonprofits and activists to support themselves and their projects through online ‘crowd’ donations. 

Our Muslim community members will LOVE being able to harness the power of the crowd to fund their projects—and you’ll love the boost in traffic, page-views and exposure your website will get when your members invite investors, family members, friends & fans alike over to your website to make donations.


Features of Rimici Personal Giving & Crowd Funding Solution:

Next Generation responsive/Mobile view capability

  • Campaigns
    Users can create multiple fund raising projects or campaigns. Besides other details to educate visitors about their project, they can also set a fundraising goals ($50, $500, $5000, etc.). Your fundraising goal, remaining amount and time left for the campaign are showing on campaign pages.
  • Scheduling and Advanced Options
    The Campaign owner can schedule a start date and end date for his campaign and schedule them in advance if needed. 
    Advanced options like "Allowing Donations to Exceed Goal Amount" and deciding if donations should be shown publicly or not are available.
  • Campaign Photo Gallery
    Impress your donors/investors by maintaining an awesome campaign image gallery! 
    You can add multiple images against the campaign and show them in a nice gallery layout with lightbox effects.
  • Recurring Donations With Paypal
    Rimici Personal giving and crowd funding program has the ability to allow recurring donations. At moment this functionality is available only with the Paypal payment gateway. We will extend it to other Payment gateways depending on demand in later versions.
  • My Donations For Donors
    Make it easy for Donors to see all their donations in one place with the My Donations view.
  • My Campaigns For Campaign Owners
    Offers a quick and easy way to see the list of campaigns the user is running on the website with a snapshot of performance.
  • Campaign Approval Workflow
    Choose to have the admin approve all campaigns that are posted on the site. Very useful to make sure users are adhering to your site's Goals and Policies and to ensure the Quality of campaigns. This also includes sending appropriate emails on various actions to admin and campaign owner.