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12:00 AM
August 4th, 2019
P.O. Box 2972 San Ramon, CA 94583 United States

They journey is great joy, great fun, great lessons and even more greater connection with Allah and His creation. In the beginning, in the process and in the end we are Muslims who love Allah in complete submission to HIS will and we are completely dependent on what good and ill comes to us.

We think and say nothing but Zikr (exercising with remembrance of Allah) and goodness and bear things with patience and humbleness.

You are responsible to create your own good energy, good environment and good deeds towards Allah Subhan O’ Ta’ala.

We do not do anything or think anything but fully knowing and aware that We are from Allah, everything is from Allah and shall return to Him. Hence our path, our thinking, our action is towards Allah first before anything.

By the grace of Allah, we have worked with every ability, resources and network to enable a secure cloud platform and real life solutions so that key tools and resources are available to you from Allah Subhan O Ta’ala in order to make the journey of life, safe, fun and connected.

The Young Muslim Program enables a clean safe online network for you. It enables you to reach out for educational help. Islamic Knowledge help. Counselling and support, internship and jobs trainings, leadership values, principles and communication, businesses, community and Civic Causes and much more!!.